New EnergyWare Video Released Today on LED IoT

EnergyWare is a national provider of LED Smart technology. Its unique business model eliminates the guess-work of LED solutions by bringing lighting engineers, lighting designers, best-in-breed manufacturing and trained LED-centric electricians all under one umbrella. This has firmly established EnergyWare as a trusted advisor to both the private and public sector and countless enterprise organizations across the country.

Today, EnergyWare launched a new video, as part of a growing collection of videos aimed at educating its market on how LED SMART Technology brings more to the table than just light bulbs and widgets. EnergyWare also wants its consumers to know that much more is to be had by switching over to LEDs than just savings. Otherwise known as #BenefitsBeyondSavings.

Among a growing list of other benefits of LED technology includes school safety, crime prevention, & social inclusion. One noteworthy benefit beyond the savings is a rapidly growing body of evidence that links a significant reduction of the impact that LEDs have on the circadian rhythm, our internal clock. A circadian rhythm, exposed to LED lights instead of fluorescent and/or incandescent, can assist with one’s ability to focus and perform at the workplace and in the classroom.

SEE VIDEO HERE: The Future of Lighting is HERE with LED IoT

ABOUT EnergyWare

EnergyWare was founded in 2015. It is a full-service LED Smart Technology design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation company with customers in over 30 states nationwide. In just over three years, EnergyWare has increased its revenue over 700% and plans on keeping that trend as it leads the LED Smart Technology charge in the IoT market. EnergyWare continues to thrive through its’ strategic partnerships and its’ customer-centric approach to LED technology. For more information about EnergyWare, visit us online at or connect with us on Twitter or introduce yourself to one of our Regional Directors on LinkedIn.

Source: EnergyWare, LLC