EnergyWare CEO Jake Jacques Announces Plans to Create 'A Better Energy Future'

Solar portfolio expansion, state-specific targeting efforts, and enhanced safety protocols are all on the horizon for the energy technology provider.

Jake Jacques, the newly-appointed CEO of EnergyWare, a leading national provider of Energy Efficiency technology, has announced his official plans to create "A Better Energy Future," both domestically and globally. In the short term, Jacques expressed his desire to expand the company's solar portfolio by locking in new deals in 2021, including a major win that is expected to take place in Q1 of the upcoming fiscal year. According to Jacques, the company's long term goals are to solidify Energyware's brand as an industry authority.

"As an expert in the energy efficiency market, we aim to further establish the Energyware brand as an authoritative figure in the space by way of our educational initiatives and industry collaboration," said Jacques.

"We are looking to increase brand awareness and fortify our brand loyalty by highlighting our quality of work, high standards of safety, and attention to detail in relation to COVID protocols. These are the aspects of our business that bring true value and keep both our customers and our workers safe."

Jacques went on to delve into some of the biggest challenges that the industry is expected to face this year such as policy changes as well as limitations on project execution that have been caused by COVID-19 restrictions.

"New policy changes have shifted our focus primarily towards progressive states that already see the value in transitioning to clean energy. With the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, we have made a commitment to continually improve upon our high safety standards and COVID protocols, which we had adopted earlier this year at the beginning of the crisis," said Jacques.

EnergyWare, once hyper-focused on LED Lighting technology, has also recently broadened its perspective on energy and expanded its offerings to include Solar, HVAC smart technology and Water Conservation - all part of its new product ecosystem.

"This is a step forward as our company ramps up its aggressive push to educate the nation on how to build #ABetterEnergyFuture, together," said Jacques. "We are confident that this move to expand, and not shrink back, will not only bring great benefits to our company, but also continue to offer valuable, sustainable, and cost-effective products and services to our customers nationwide."

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