EnergyWare: A Guest Panelist at the WTG Cloudology Training Event on the 'Future of IoT'

EnergyWare is a national provider of LED Smart technology. Its unique business model eliminates the guess-work of LED solutions by bringing lighting engineers, lighting designers, best-in-breed manufacturing and trained LED-centric electricians all under one umbrella. This has firmly established EnergyWare as a trusted adviser to both the private and public sector and countless enterprise organizations across the country.

Tomorrow, EnergyWare will highlight some of its upcoming roll-out of new LED IoT products and solutions at the Learning Campus Annex, organized by one of its premier master partners, WTG. The WTG Cloudology Training event is one of several education initiatives that WTG/NuAge Energy and EnergyWare are collaborating on as they both lead the charge into the future of LED IoT technology. Held at Wrigleyville Rooftop, this event is a great opportunity to finally get into energy via IoT, which all customers have an initiative for in their business plans.

Patrick Mason, Director of Business Development for NuAge Energy, stated, “EnergyWare is a great solution for telecom and other agents to upsell the other big utility to their customer base, thereby increasing the retention of their base.  EnergyWare is also a very channel-friendly Provider that understands the channel, particularly because the owner ran a UCaaS company with a channel prior to EnergyWare.”

“EnergyWare invests as much time & effort in developing educational initiatives as it does in all of its overall operational and sales expenditure. We realize that the only sustainable path to becoming a trusted advisor to our clients is by way of education. We are very excited to be part of this ongoing educational collaborative with our partner, WTG,” said Boaz Santiago, Corporate Brand Architect of EnergyWare.


WTG is a Connectivity Services Distributor and one of the top Master Agents in the U.S. As a multi-year recipient of CRN’s 5 Star Vendor for Connectivity Services accolade, WTG has provided exceptional service to agent and VAR partners since 1996. Commerce Consulting Corporation (CCC), WTG’s parent company, has the most diverse portfolio in the industry with over 150 Providers, including voice, data, managed services, cloud products and associated services. It also includes the following specialty Divisions with dedicated extra support: Cloudology, award- winning wireless/mobility, Equipment, International, Wholesale, Cost Containment (TEM, Logistics and all other Cost Containment) and its Energy Division, NuAge Energy, which includes Electricity, Natural Gas, Revenue Recovery, DSM and LED Lighting. WTG Agents have the ability to sell and consistently expand their business without revenue commitments or quotas. WTG is 100 percent partner driven and pays top commissions in the industry. WTG exceeds expectations with a dynamic approach to automation, partner support and its commitment to success. Visit or call 310-456-2200 x2.

ABOUT EnergyWare

EnergyWare was founded in 2015. It is a full-service LED Smart Technology design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation company with customers in over 30 states nationwide. In just over three years, EnergyWare has increased its revenue over 700 percent and plans on keeping that trend as it leads the LED Smart Technology charge in the IoT market. EnergyWare continues to thrive through its strategic partnerships and its customer-centric approach to LED technology. For more information about EnergyWare, visit us online at or connect with us on Twitter or introduce yourself to one of our Regional Directors on LinkedIn.

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A national provider of Energy Efficiency technology.
EnergyWare eliminate the guess-work of Energy Efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best in breed manufacturing and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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